Deadline for entries Monday Feb 22nd at 6pm

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Tips on how to write a good entry here


Who Can Enter?

The Awards are open to all media owners, advertisers and advertising agencies operating in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Organisations MUST enter with the permission of the relevant client.

Campaigns must have commenced between January 1st 2015 and December 31st 2015


Entries will be accepted in the  categories shown here

In addition, a ‘Grand Prix’ prize may be awarded at the judges’ discretion to one outstanding entry.  It will be selected from all category winners.

Provided that it is relevant, a campaign CAN be entered into multiple categories.

The Entry Process:

      • Submissions should not exceed 1,600 words
      • Entries will ONLY be accepted via our online entry form. NB You can upload a completed entry as an attachment within the form if you wish to use your own format. Further details on this process below.
      • Attachments – images/charts/video etc. can be submitted as part of an entry provided they are relevant.
      • The closing date for entries is Monday February 22nd @ 6PM

Complete Entries:

A complete entry should contain the following elements

      • One completed entry form for each entry
      • The appropriate entry fee
      • Your submission
      • Any relevant attachments – charts, images, audio, video etc (Please keep these to a minimum and attach a list of any attachments)

Entry Formats:

Complete entries (including attachments) will be accepted using our bespoke online entry system in one of two ways

1.  Online form

  • All entry details can be submitted using the online form.
  • We suggest that you type your entry in e.g. MS Word and then paste into the online form rather than direct entry.
  • Attachments can also be uploaded here.

2.   Upload Online

It is perfectly acceptable to prepare your own entry and submit it in PDF format.

If you wish to do this, simply follow these steps:

  • Prepare your entry (making sure to follow the structure of the online form)
  • Put the entry into PDF (or similar) format
  • Gather any attachments
  • Fill in your contact details in the online entry system
  • Upload your entry as an attachment following the instructions online

Payment Methods

The Fee for each individual Entry is €145 + VAT @ 23% and the following payment methods will be accepted:

Online Payment – This is our preferred method of payment.  You can pay online via credit card in our new online entry system

  • Cheque – please make payable to “Alchemy Event Management Ltd”
  • Telephone – payment can be made via credit card over the phone (+353 1 284 6096)

All Entry Fees MUST be paid before the closing date of Monday February 22nd 2016 for entries to be deemed valid

Invoices will be issued for all entries received.


FOR REFERENCE ONLY: The templates for structuring your submissions can be downloaded here

Your Entry

      • Entries should not exceed 1,600 words (+ Attachments) and are divided into a number of sections.  PLEASE KEEP ADDITIONAL ATTACHMENTS TO A MINIMUM – ONLY INCLUDE IF IT IS RELEVANT TO THE ESSENCE OF THE RESEARCH (NO DATA TABLES/TRANSCRIPTS ETC.)
      • All sections must be covered for a complete entry.


Please note that all judges will sign a confidentiality agreement with regard to all information which arises within entries.

Judging Process

Tips on how to write a good entry can be seen here

Judging will be broken up to ensure that all advertising agency entries will be judged by a panel of media owners and all media agency entries will be judged by a panel of advertising agency representatives.


Terms & Conditions and FAQs can be viewed here

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