Co-founder of retail data platform elm

Cian Kennedy

Cian Kennedy is co-founder of retail data platform elm (, a leading software service in the world of retail, elm delivers actionable insights to brands through advanced data science techniques.

Previous to elm, Cian was an early stage employee of Uber and launched the service in Ireland and Northern Ireland before moving to London to lead customer engagement. Cian then went on to work with a number of UK startups through his own consulting agency which provided startups with the tools to grow their business through the use of data. Cian’s clients included brands such as Ubran Jungle, Lucky Saint, Coconut and Edgard & Cooper.

Cian’s focus now is on elm, which utilises data to inform all aspects of FMCG brand decision making through the software they have built. Their aim is to help brands of any size succeed through the use of data science.