CEO , Board Member, Business Advisor

Liam Kavanagh

Liam Kavanagh was Managing Director of The Irish Times Group of companies for 12 years until December 2022.

During his tenure, he led the transformation from a 6-day print newspaper to 24/7 news publisher, introduced the first paid for content model in the Irish market and built with it a successful Home Delivery business. In 2018, he led the acquisition of the Examiner group and its subsequent integration to The Irish Times group.

Liam joined The Irish Times in 2000 as Chief Financial Officer and was appointed to the Board of The Irish Times DAC in 2001 as Finance Director and Company Secretary. He served as Deputy Managing Director in 2006 before his appointment as Managing Director in 2010.

Prior to joining The Irish Times, Liam Kavanagh was Finance Director of Smurfit Ireland. He was President of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce in 2013. He currently serves as an external member of the Finance Committee of Trinity College Dublin and on the board of Barretstown.