Senior Director at Real Chemistry

Mollie Fearnon

Mollie is a Senior Director within the Social & Digital team at Real Chemistry, with over 10 years in-house and agency experience.

Starting her career in Dublin, Ireland, Mollie brings international knowledge from Sydney to her current London based role.

She has experience working from all angles of the broad media spectrum, which she has mastered through a digital lens. From broadcasting, in-house, media buying, to communications and creative, she brings a fresh, well-rounded, and global perspective when partnering with clients.

Post COVID-19, Mollie’s goal was to leverage her skills in a more impactful way and within a time-relevant industry. With this, Mollie transitioned from working with consumer and tech clients, focusing now on health innovation. Mollie’s area of expertise involves the development of engagement strategies with the aim of educating patients around rare disease, diagnostics, and diagnosis. She also plays a key role in employing digital media to educate health care professionals on new testing and drug approvals.

Mollie’s impact as a marketing professional has been recognised through numerous awards, in Ireland and internationally. Publications such as B&T have also quoted her opinions and thoughts on diverse industry topics, thus, her work has been cited by a number of experts in the field.

Mollie holds a BA in Media Management and a MA in Marketing. She has a strong interest in data science. Because of this, she studied data analytics for a digital marketing professional at UCD to elevate and broaden her knowledge of the impact of data, especially leveraging advertising data, for her clients. Real Chemistry, which is renowned for bringing data-driven solutions to its world-class clients, now allows her to put her passion into action.